Atomena Energy Solutions: Consulting for the Nuclear Industry in the UAE & Middle East Need expert guidance in the nuclear energy sector? Atomena offers comprehensive consulting services for Lifecycle Management, Program & Project Management, Governance & Process Development, and more. We help organizations in the UAE and Middle East optimize operations, maximize safety, and achieve strategic goals. Our services include: Plant lifecycle management & optimization Project & program management expertise Governance & process development solutions Enterprise innovations & strategic planning Operations & maintenance consulting Outage management & optimization Fueling & radioactive waste management Radiological protection & decontamination Tooling & inspections for nuclear plants Decommissioning planning & execution Contact Atomena today for a consultation!

Lifecycle Management

ATOMENA offer solutions that can help our clients address both physical assets (plant facilities and equipment) and financial assets (plant value and profit). Lifecycle management is the process by which nuclear power plants integrate operations, maintenance, engineering, regulatory, environmental, and business activities that:

(1) Manage plant condition such as equipment reliability, aging, and obsolescence;
(2) Optimize operating life, including the options of early retirement and license renewal; and
(3) Maximize plant value while, above all, maintaining plant safety.

Program and Project Management

ATOMENA can help you articulate the goals and objectives of your nuclear program and how it will impact the organization and business. ATOMENA has the capability to develop key strategic programs and assist with converting our client’s business strategies into action. ATOMENA can help you manage and oversee the initiation, planning, engineering, and execution of high-profile projects to ensure ensuring they are delivered to the highest quality standards, on budget, and on schedule. ATOMENA can also assist your organization with the resolution of open items and project closeout activities

Governance and Process Development

ATOMENA can help your organization execute its business objectives through the formulation of governing programs, charters, and policies. The establishment of governing procedures will help your organization drive its objectives to ensure compliance with its regulatory and stakeholder commitments. ATOMENA can also help your organization formulate industry-standard processes from initiation, planning, development, implementation, communication, execution, and training.

Enterprise Innovations and Strategic Initiatives

ATOMENA can help your organization to brainstorm, plan, and implement existing or new technologies to further your business objectives. ATOMENA has extensive knowledge in the deployment of innovating technologies to enhance productivity and work efficiency. ATOMENA can also help your organization to identify and drive strategic initiatives to supplement your business objectives and apply a consistent change management process to realize the intended benefits of the initiatives.

Operations and Maintenance

ATOMENA’s main mandate is to help your organization guarantee the safe, reliable and economical operations of Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs) covering all structures, systems or components within the bounds of the nuclear power plant. ATOMENA provides essential consultancy services for your O&M program to ensure the all the necessary policies, processes and procedures that provide direction for maintaining structures, systems or components of the plant are in place to expand the life-span of your assets and meet the governing regulator’s requirements and expectations for license renewals and life-extension. ATOMENA works to ensure that all reactor and major components periodic inspections including monitoring, surveillance, inspection, testing, assessment, calibration, service, overhaul, repair and replacement of parts are carried out to meet the most stringent qualification standards

Outage Management

ATOMENA can help your organization optimize its operating lifecycle through the introduction and development of a robust outage management strategy. ATOMENA can help to devise a planning and preventative maintenance strategy to complement the outage scoping process. Critical inputs for the strategy include the overall strategic initiatives, industry and plant benchmarking, and regulatory/licensing requirements. The development of an outage management program reduces the likelihood of a forced, or unplanned outage, that would otherwise disrupt operations thereby decreasing revenues and increasing costs.

Fueling and Radioactive Waste Management

ATOMENA can help your organization establish industry best practices and processes for the handling and disposal of fuel and other radioactive waste. ATOMENA has extensive knowledge regarding the safe storage of irradiated materials and help you access our broad network of supply chain partners to effectively source, store, and transport both enriched and unenriched fuel from North America, the UK, and South Korea. ATOMENA can also support your organization establish, operationalize, and manage the localized storage of fuel and radioactive waste.

Radiological Protection and Decontamination

ATOMENA provides consulting solutions on radiological protection measures and techniques from all elements present or exposing people, components, or assets to ionizing radiation in a nuclear power plant. ATOMENA also can be consulted about decontamination services and can provide access to accredited labs and facilities with specialized capabilities that demand radiological and radio-analytical outcomes and reports.

Tooling and Inspections

ATOMENA offers a wide range of consulting solutions for nuclear plant critical component inspections and unique custom tooling to address the specific requirements of our clients. ATOMENA has been involved with and has access to several industry leaders who can support License-holder commitments to regulatory authorities such as inspections for license renewals and plant/component reliability verification.


ATOMENA provides consulting solutions to set the stage for a decision to stop operating and plan for decommissioning. This includes developing lean and cost-effective methods for decommissioning engineering, inspection, characterization, demolition, volume reduction, essential site support services and safe storage of waste and decommissioning assets. As ATOMENA views this space as a money saving rather than a money generating business for the end user, we are here to help you establish this program in the most effective way possible that suits your needs.

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