About Us

Nuclear Consultancy and Engineering outage management in uae

Our Mission

ATOMENA’s mission is to support, develop, and enhance the Nuclear energy sector in the UAE and the Middle East by offering tailored solutions that address the needs of our customers and partners.

Our Vision

ATOMENA is committed to the UAE’s goal of Emiratization in the Nuclear energy sector. This starts with decisions, services, equipment, and personnel being sourced in-country by those aligned with the long-term objectives our nation. Through our offered solutions, ATOMENA’s vision is to become the leading Nuclear service provider in the UAE and the Middle East by providing Innovative and Pioneering solutions for a safe and sustainable Nuclear sector.

Engineering Outage Management Services at the Abu Dhabi Skyline in UAE

Our Values

  • Uncompromising commitment to quality, health, safety, security and the environment
  • An open relationship with our employees and partners based on mutual trust, respect, and success
  • Transparency, accountability, integrity and ethical behaviors in all we do
  • Best-in-class risk awareness

Our Management Team

Khaled Seddiqi, Mech. Eng, MBA, SCPM Chairman
Khaled Seddiqi is an accomplished Emirati Program and Project Manager with a background in Mechanical Engineering. Khaled is a pioneering member of the UAE’s nuclear energy program and has previously led the Mechanical & Piping Construction Department at ENEC. Khaled has also held executive roles in the health care and oil & gas sectors. Khaled brings a wealth of knowledge in the collaboration and facilitation of partnerships between firms and government agencies and is a local nuclear industry subject matter expert.
Mohamed Alowais
Mohamed Alowais Vice-Chairman
Mohamed Alowais is an Emirati Businessman with vast executive and entrepreneurial experience in the Real Estate and Food and Beverage sectors. Mohamed brings his business acumen and extensive knowledge in the development and growth of startup firms.
Ali Geedi President & CEO
Ali Geedi is a Canadian educated Structural Engineer with extensive experience in the nuclear sector. He has worked with Heavy Water and Pressurized Water Reactors in Canada and the United States and has experience on multi-Billion Dollar refurbishments of Steam Generators, Turbine Generators, and Reactors. His expertise spans planning, design, construction, commissioning, turnover, project and program management, and vendor oversight. Ali is also a skilled business strategist who has consulted international clients on a wide range of topics including growth, change management, executive and leadership development, public relations, and enterprise innovation.
Mohamed Ghazi, M.Eng., P.Eng, PMP Vice-President & COO
Mohamed Ghazi is a Canadian educated Mechanical Engineer with extensive experience in the Nuclear industry with Reactor Inspections and Maintenance tooling services, Design Engineering and Nuclear Construction project management throughout various high profile international projects and field deployments, specifically in advanced PWRs and Candu reactors. Mohamed is an industry leader in executing complex programs, converting strategy into action and represents a broad knowledge in engineering technical specifications, nuclear regulations and standards when it comes to nuclear life cycle management.
Adriana Ungurean Director of Quality
Adriana is a Nuclear Pressure Boundary Lead Auditor with 20 years of Quality Management System experience, of which 12 years are in the nuclear industry. She has extensive experience performing supplier qualification audits and internal audits to the requirements of CSA N299 series, CSA N286-12, CSA N286.7, ASME Section III NCA-4000, ASME Section III NCA-3800, ASME NQA-1, 10CFR50 Appendix B / 10CFR Part 21, ISO 9001:2015. She also provides consulting services such as the preparation of Quality Assurance Manuals, procedures and controlled forms, providing training and assisting with the Quality Management System implementation process.
Richard Stephens Director of Strategy
Richard Stephens is an accomplished and award-winning executive with more than 25 years of leadership experience in the Energy, Critical Infrastructure and Defence sectors in over twenty countries, including the UAE. A Mechanical Engineer by profession, Richard has a vast experience and demonstrable track record in business review, troubleshooting, revitalizing struggling projects and businesses from poor output and performance to rehabilitation and profitability by building best-in-class strategies and operations that reverse negative slides and generate profits. Richard offers expertise in Program and Project Management, Engineering, Site and Construction Management, Consulting, Manufacturing, Maintenance, Sustaining Capital and Operations. Richard has also managed numerous mega projects from greenfield new builds to nuclear life extension projects across the globe, he is adept at managing all aspects of EP, EPC and EPCM Projects – from conceptual design phases through Construction and Operations.
Khalid Al-Khaja Senior Local Advisor
Khalid Al-Khaja is an Emirati executive consultant with 30 years of management, development, and execution experience in Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution in Gas-fired, Renewable, and Nuclear Energy.
Atomena Energy solutions

Environmental Health, Safety & Security

Safety is our number one and overriding priority, whether protecting our people, the environment, or our neighbouring communities and our country, we work endlessly with safety at the forefront of everything we do.
Our goal is for zero injuries and illnesses. Our EHS&S program goes far beyond the legal requirements, at the forefront is our unparalleled commitment to eliminating work-related incidents, occupational illness, improving the environment and ensuring the safety and security of our people. Our EHS&S program is designed for continuous improvement and a culture of excellence vital to sustainable top quartile performance.
Our strong nuclear safety culture is evident in our daily rituals, we have a collective commitment that emphasises safety over competing goals to ensure protection of people, environment, and the clients we serve.
Because we principally operate in a regulated sector, we welcome and follow the requirements set forth by the regulatory body the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR) and the Environment Agency of Abu Dhabi (EAD).
FANR protects the UAE’s public, the environment, and its workers by conducting nuclear regulatory programs in safety, security, radiation protection and safeguards, which fulfil key objectives in licensing and inspection in accordance with best international practices. FANR also oversees the implementation of the UAE’s obligations under the international treaties, conventions, and agreements in the nuclear sector, and determines administrative standards, which support excellence in regulation.
For more information about FANR, please visit: www.fanr.gov.ae


Good governance is essential for creating the long-term viability of our business and the economic development of the communities where we operate. The board has developed and ratified a set of principles which sets out its approach to operate within a clear governance framework.

Ethics and Compliance

At ATOMENA, we believe that good ethics are the foundation for a respectful work environment and good business. Unethical behaviour can severely impact the trust stakeholders place in our organisation and compromise our abilities to meet our objectives. ATOMENA is committed to embedding ethical practices throughout our daily operations and seek to be a trusted partner of our clients, suppliers, and communities in which we operate.


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a universal set of goals to end poverty, protect the environment and ensure prosperity for all as part of the global sustainable development agenda. Adopted by the United Nations (UN) member states in September 2015, the SDGs will shape government, business, and civil society priorities to 2030. There are 17 SDGs, each supported by specific targets to be achieved over 15 years, which relate to economic development, social and inclusion and environmental sustainability.
ATOMENA has analyzed the SDGs and assessed where our operations have the potential to positively impact the 17 goals. In the areas where we make the biggest impact, ATOMENA include a synopsis of how our business aligns with each specific goal.
For more information about the United Nations (UN) sustainable goals, please visit:https://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/

Diversity & Inclusion

ATOMENA welcomes and celebrates different perspectives to help us, our clients, and our people achieve enduring results. Our commitment to diversity, inclusion and collaboration is key to building extraordinary teams.
ATOMENA hires people with remarkable abilities, aptitudes, and welcomes them in an environment where they can stand out and excel.


ATOMENA’s performance is driven by our people, including our local and exceptional talent. Our aim is 50% Emiratisation of in-focus positions or positions that can feasibly be Emiratised by 2025.

Supporting Education

Developing a national capability and capacity in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) is a core value of ATOMENA. Promoting knowledge transfer and education is essential to meeting the workforce requirements of the United Arab Emirates’ modern, diversified economy.